Saturday, April 19, 2014


The last two weeks, I've been on holidays. The first paid holidays I've had for years! lol. That's the nature of casual work, I suppose, but I'm currently on a 12 month contract (replacing someone's maternity leave) and have therefore earned Leave :)

And so I finished the socks, firstly, and the things I showed you last time. Then I finished these socks, which took 11 days

as well as finishing a skein of "laceweight"

I call it "laceweight" in quotes, because I'm not sure if it really qualifies. Officially (for the Charms part of my NEWT) it has to be at least 20WPI, and this is about 25, but most laceweights you see on Ravelry claim to be about 40. Just can't do that, not yet.

Next, for the spinning, I decided to do the Navajo-ply spin, because it's what I normally do, and I wanted to do something relaxing. I have 200g or so of this lovely Southern Cross Fibres Polwarth, and the first skein is done.

Salt Collecting
I've been on the waiting list for David's fibre club for quite a while; I got this one from a member who didn't want it for some strange reason :) ... This one was spun from end to end (without splitting it lengthwise) so the color changes will be long. The second one, which I'm spinning now, I split down the middle first, so the color changes will be half as long. I'm thinking a hat and gloves, where the stripes will be about the same width.

Next, would you believe, I pulled out the Vivian I started in December 2008! It was up to the shoulder saddles, and I didn't know quite what to do, so I ignored it for a bit longer. But the shoulder saddles were kind-of fun

 Now, I'm doing a cable-and-rib collar, and when that's done, I have to block it and measure it for a zip!

And lastly, the Kathy's Fibre club fibre for Autumn, which is BFL, mohair and silk! I'm not allowed to post it on Ravelry until everyone has theirs (spoilers) and some people have to wait until after Easter for the post, but here it is, out next to the flower pots that the boys gave me for my birthday, which match. (Jasmine gave me pink flowers)

I love her BFL/mohair for socks, and I'm looking forward to trying it out with some silk in it. It's 120g, so it should be enough. Might be a project for June... frankly, it's going to be a perfect color to spin in the grey Winter.

3:30am, so I must hit the hay, now. I'm back at work again (just finished three nights, and this is my first night off, so the body-clock's out of whack again). 'Night!

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ruthsplace said...

Oh gosh! That braid is gorgeous!

I'd call your lace weight lace weight. 25 WPI is very fine.

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