Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fourteen-at-a-time socks

I finished them in time, somehow!

Each had 20 rounds of toe, 50 of foot, a heel (a different sort for each pair) and at least 50 rounds of leg and 10 rounds of twisted rib cuff. Some had a little more leg. Some had to be taken offline to get them all to the right point to do the cuff together. Some got extra rounds because they felt too short. But they're DONE

Just before starting the cuffs

Sweet Tomato Heel
Glow sticks
This heel was the one from the pattern Scylla
Pattern: Jaywalker. Heel: toe-up heel flap one I think I got from Swatchless long ago.
Sunleaf (3x2 rib)
with a Fleegle Heel.
Jaywalkers with a toe-heel.

Afterthought hat heel (with a small shortrow section for better fit (see the triangle bit)). I did reknit these before handing in, with 10 or 11 rounds before starting the decreases. Fits much better.
With a short row heel (Happy Knits’ No Wrap, No Gap Short Row Heel Tutorial) that worked on one sock, but not that well on the other. I had to close up the gaps. Think my attention must have wandered on that one :)

And now, NEWT number 5!

I was going to do an OWL this term between May and July, spinning laceweight yarn for Charms. But my Slytherin friends persuaded me to do a NEWT, so I'm combining the Charms laceweight with the Arithmancy spinning option: many yarns with different plies. I have 820g of yarn to spin up into 1ply, 2ply, 3ply, 4ply, nply and chain-ply. Well, no, the 2ply is going to be the laceweight, so it crosses-over with Charms.

I've started that one. I'm doing 300g of laceweight, hoping to get 1500y of 2ply and 30 WPI. That will be the thinnest I've managed so far, but it seems to be working. It's just taking about an hour to do 10g. LOL.

1100g is not too much, although I did promise to try and make the yarn singles at least 600y per 100g, which means I can't just do a thick, quick yarn. NEWTs are supposed to be challenging. All the same, a NEWT that is entirely spinning seems like a holiday! :)

Next time, the other little things I did last month... and the new socks I started! Hehehe...


kelgell said...

seven different pairs of socks at once is pretty full on in itself but you did seven different heel patterns as well??? How did you manage to keep track of it all? They look good though. I like the glowsticks dye work with such tiny splinters of colour. Must be nice to move onto something else now.

ruthsplace said...

My mind is boggling! Fabulous socks, can't get over you did different patterns and different heels.

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