Monday, March 17, 2014

Byron 6.9

He's not quite seven yet, but here is his Seventh Birthday Jumper.

It's "Little Spare Time" and I made it with the Madelinetosh MCN Worsted that I overdyed earlier this year. The colorway is Wicked, but since I dyed it brown, I'm calling it Wicked Chocolate. Hehe. For once, I stuck to the pattern completely, and it turned out great. I also made him some matching accessories

The "Donner Pass Cowl" and a hat to match in Malabrigo chunky. He says that it's all "very snugly" ...and then whipped off the wool and ran around in just shorts again. it's not nearly as cool as the clouds and wool would lead you to believe!

The jumper is only 99% finished, according to the boy, because I promised to replace those two buttons with pirate buttons, only they haven't arrived in the mailbox quite yet. :) Should do by his birthday, though, which is still 2 months away.

Anyway, that's my Order of the Phoenix mission done, and now I have to get on with the socks...


ruthsplace said...

Lovely finishes, and he looks thrilled with them.

kelgell said...

I really like the pattern of the jumper. And it's nice to see him in brown. He's looking much more grown up now. Hope it's really cold on his birthday so he can be snuggly warm.

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