Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh, the blog...

I forgot about it for a while. I'm blaming it on night-shift brain, and the fact that I haven't got much to report for Feb. I did manage to do 6 classes of assignments, Quidditch, and some of the Mission, but there were a lot of quick projects in there, like dyeing.

I put most of my time into the inch of socks. This NEWT project is really dragging along, I must say. Socks take me a long time to knit as it is, and these are taking more than 7 times longer than a normal pair. I can't easily throw them in a bag and take them with me. I can't do 5 minutes-worth unless I'm prepared to leave it in the middle of a row. BUT... the heels are all done! Now I'm just doing the simple round-and-round of legs.

The classes this month consisted of 4 dyeing projects and two hats. Pretty bludgey, really. The yarn one was dyed to represent the Australian flag. It should knit up with stripes of red, blue and white (for the Union Jack in the corner) and then have a section of blue with white dots on it for the starry part. We'll see how the socks turn out later. 

The yellow Wurm I started back in December is done. I put it on for a photo, but it's gone overseas in a swap. Swaps are a bit of fun. I sent her this hat, the Garden yarn from the last post, and the green handspun from January.

 For Quidditch this month you could make three projects. If the total yardage was over 750, maximum points of 105 could be obtained. So I spun up this lovely Polwarth/silk/cashmere (about 60g of each) from Southern Cross Fibres. Ended up with 500y or so of 2ply.

I'm not at all a lover of pink, so I don't know what possessed me to choose these colors. But I love them, despite their pinkness, and I will have to find a project to use them all together in :)

And now, back to the Mission. I have the hem of the body remaining, then the sleeves, pockets and collar. And I have to procure a perfect button. Byron wants something Star Wars or Pirate. We'll see...


ruthsplace said...

Those socks boggle my mind! Socks aside, I am also in awe of how much you get done! That last pink handspun is lovely.

Esther said...

I happen to know that you have an adorable niece who likes pink… ;-)

She chose to take Poppy and Elijah to church this morning and got lots of compliments on them. I had to admit that I didn't make them.

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