Friday, May 23, 2014

Lots of spinning

I've got yarn and fibre under the bed, up on shelves, in the store room, in my daughter's cupboard, and in several little bags that don't fit conveniently anywhere. So I know that spinning (AKA "using stash to make stash") is not resolving my space issues, but I love it all the same.

This "term" of the House Cup game is mainly dedicated to spinning. It includes the Tour de Fleece (where we spin our wheels along with the Tour de France blokes) and I've found, in past years, that the Tour distracts me from my big projects (OWLs, NEWTs and Order Missions).

This year I feel very organized, because I'm doing spinning for both my NEWT and my Order Mission. I haven't started the latter, yet, but the NEWT is now at 50%.

The project was to take 1100g (or so) of fibre and turn it into some single-ply yarn, some 2ply, some 3ply, some 4ply, some cabled 4ply and some navajo-ply. Here are

a skein of singles yarn (felted), a skein of 2ply (the green laceweight), two skeins of navajo-ply and two skeins of cabled 4ply. I wanted to finish the cabled yarn before I handed it in; funny thing is, it's put me pretty close to 75%. All I have to do, probably, is one more skein of 2ply laceweight to get there. Hehe.

This cabled yarn. Sigh. I liked the second skein better. It was a bit fatter, and I knew to overply the first 2ply a bit more before I re-plied it into a 4ply.

Here's the yarn, 2plied, with a bit of it folded back on itself into the cabled 4ply. Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but I really do love spinning Bond. Nice wool! Very smooth or something :)

 Also finished a few more hats :)

This one is my first try of Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted. It's merino, silk and cashmere! I made the cabled rib bit a bit longer this time, because it's supposed to represent a jellyfish. (We were studying bioluminescence in Care of Magical Creatures). The colorway is Paper, and it's a very, very soft variegated grey. Love everything about this yarn.

These two were for Quidditch, and are chunky Malabrigo hats (Emerald and PearlTen). They do fit me, but they fit the kids a little better :)

And this one was a Jasmine-request. If you couldn't guess.


I have one more week in which to finish two pairs of socks. Should be enough time, hopefully. And then it will be June, and time to go back to work.


kelgell said...

That's quite a bit of spinning you've done. I really like the white beanie you knit. It does look quite jellyfish-like. He he. The yarn looks nice too and sounds it from your description. Do you give beanies away to those 'warm the poor' charities? You sure do make a lot of them.

Alrischa said...

I'm making a bunch for the hat box at the chemo ward, so anyone who suddenly finds themselves bald in the middle of Winter can take one :)

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