Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I've been finishing them.

Chocolate Socks, as I've been calling them, or Cardio Socks. I listen to a podcast made by fellow House Cuppers (and Slytherins) called "The Weasley Sisters", and they decided to run a Cardio Sock Swap. You had to make at least 25% of your socks while exercising, and then send them to your secret swapee. (I'm not sending mine to X yet, since the deadline is the end of June)

This next pair are Jaywalkers. I thought I'd make them for Kelly's birthday at the end of the month. I used some hand-dyed yarn that was supposed to be stripes of red and white and blue with sections of navy and stars... but it didn't quite work (cover your eyes):

So I did some overdyeing experiments

and decided on a darkish purple, which came out kinda reddish. Much better. These are Kelly's photos (and feet):

And as soon as I was finished those ones, I cast on these ones, using up some handspun that I've been meaning to sockify for ages. The handspun is quite thick, comparatively, probably the same as 8ply/DK. I did the foot with 2.75mm needles (very dense) and the leg with 3.5mm needles. They're waaaarm :)

And mine!

Yep, I've started some new socks. But they're cabled ones that may take me a year... so next time: New Stash. :)


ruthsplace said...

Gosh, you've been busy. Love all the socks, but especially those first ones. Can't believe you did them while exercising, if I tried that I'd break a leg or something! I'm seriously uncoordinated.

kelgell said...

Oh the "stripes" turned out rather awful! Yay for the overdye. Interesting to see your trials too. Thanks for my socks! ^_^

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