Saturday, August 9, 2014

Also at Bendi

Got a hold of some new cheap buttons, and a rainbow of Landscape dyes. That should keep me going for a while.

Let's see... what else have I finished in July?

Frosty socks :)

What they look like when the frost thaws. Hehe. Love these, and in Wollmeise, too.

Did I show you these already? Nephew tops.

An experiment in Navajo 4ply. Tricky to ply, but the effect, knitted up, should be interesting.

Nice thick merino/faux cashmere. Soft and bright.

And yarn number one for my next NEWT!!!!
My next NEWT is a mix of Muggle Studies (dressing to blend in with Muggles) and Transfiguration (Vanishing some stash). Basically, I've got a kilo of fibre from Southern Cross Fibres in dark purple (600g) and this matching multicolored fibre (400g). I'm going to spin it all up, knit an Idlewood top and some gloves and a cowl, and re-study the skill of Entrelac while I'm at it. I've started knitting this one (400y of n-ply!) into entrelac gloves. Love them so far.


ruthsplace said...

What a lot of lovely projects. How does one do a Navajo 4 ply?

kelgell said...

Ooo fun from Bendigo! I was sad to miss it this year. I'll have to try and plan to come again next year.

Love your frosty socks. Yummy yellow and lovely leafy pattern. Hopefully they keep the frost away though.

Looking forward to seeing this next newt.

Esther said...

I LOVE the colours in the yarn for your next newt.

And I love your buttons.

And I'm jealous that you'll get to cuddle the new nephew before me... I've been working on a design for a beanie for him, but it keeps coming out too small.

Looking forwards to seeing what you make.

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