Friday, August 8, 2014


Well, Bendigo was about 2 weeks ago, now. My computer is being bizarre and won't let me connect to the internet, and my little ipod won't work with Blogger properly. So I'm at work, quickly putting on a few photos. :)

*crosses fingers*

Here are two lots of sock yarn I got from Fiberific! She said she's just started dyeing, and I liked these two as a pair.

And the two brown ones, well, notice the colorway is "Byron". Moseley Park had about a hundred different yarns with names as color names. I found a "Tamara" (which was a horrible pink) but this variegated brown is nice... and half silk.

From Kathy's Fibres I got some BFL in Forrestry and a grey mixed with silk. Also got some shiny and sparkley stuff for mixing :)


Alrischa said...

...and that's all the computer here will let me add. Sigh.

ruthsplace said...

Looks like a great haul.

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