Friday, March 27, 2015


In the House Cup game I play on Ravelry, the OWL for the subject of Charms is one I thought I'd never do. Your choices were: A) Knit something big and lacey, B) Spin laceweight yarn or C) Spin laceweight and use it to knit lace. Impossible to spin laceweight, and too hard to knit so much lace in only 3 months.

So, in spite of the fact that I can't actually imagine wearing this anywhere, I'm pleased to have finished this!

One Elizabeth Shawl, knit in my own laceweight handspun. Phew!

I did find it difficult to get a good photo. It's massive, detailed and see-through! The kids offered to help :)

It's almost 2m across the top, there, so a good length to wrap around your neck. The gradient didn't work out too badly, either. It took a bit of effort to block it out. I ended up folding it in half along the 'spine', because it only takes half the space (and half the pins) that way, and both sides end up looking exactly the same.

The fold is the edge you can see on the top right. The fabric of the shawl is doubled in this photo, so the fact that all the holes line up so well means I didn't make too many mistakes!

I found I got the hang of lace by the end. Almost every row was a repeat of 12 stitches, so, once I memorized that pattern and how it should line up with the rows below, I didn't need to look at the chart much. That's why the knitting went faster at the end, though the rows themselves took over an hour.

890y/814m of laceweight on 3.5mm needles
52,363 stitches

 Now I'm on holidays; 14 nights off! I'm going to get to work on some other small projects for this month, and then start NEWT 7 in April!


ruthsplace said...

It's fabulous! And folding it in half to block is pure genius! I'm going to try my best to remember that next time I have a shawl to block.

kelgell said...

Post it up to me and I'll do some wearing it for you. ;)
Looks fantastic. The doubling it over to block it was a great idea. Especially to get it matching.
Now some satisfying little projects...

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