Sunday, March 22, 2015


Done! I used up nearly the whole skein. Just have a few mini skeins of rainbow bits, which I chopped out to keep the heels black.

 I do love Jaywalkers. Must remember to increase to the larger size when I get up to the heel, because it's not a stretchy pattern, and doesn't pull over the heel well. Can you see the oil-like colors faintly in the black, here?

Have also started some more spinning. This is BFL/silk in "Paris" from Southern Cross Fibres. It's mainly white, but has pearly shades of grey, green, blue, purple and brown in it.

And now, to stop procrastinating and get back to that shawl. I'm on the 3rd-last row, so I'll get it finished, if I can just make myself work on it :)

1 comment:

kelgell said...

OOO that Paris is spinning nicely.

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