Saturday, April 18, 2015


So, we came fourth. Out of four.

I guess it has to happen sometimes. It's only fair to share the House Cup, for the sake of friendly relations with the other houses, but I don't think Slytherin has ever come last since I've been there. Clearly, I have to pick up my game :)

This cheered me up a good deal, though.

A long time ago my Ravelry friend, Ness, was extolling the virtues of "Hedgehog Sock". So I acquired some to see what it was like. It was 85/15 merino/nylon, which is a pretty good mix, and the yarn was beautiful. (Haven't used it yet, though.) Then I heard about "Hedgehog Twist", which is a tougher 80/20 BFL/nylon. My kind of mix! (I'm tough on socks, it seems; they only seem to last a year or so.)

So a few months ago Convent & Chapel advertised some "Twist", and I ordered two to check it out. Instead, I got "Sock". I wrote an email saying that I'd wanted to try the "Twist" one. They wrote back saying they made an error with their listing, and it was only "Sock", and as compensation I could keep the yarn and they'd return my money, and they'd let me know when they got in some more "Twist". It was so nice of them, that I decided to buy lots of Twist when they got some more, so they could hopefully get their money back.

As it happens, I got their email on the same day as we got our tax return. :)

I also got some new fibre. From dyers participating in the Discworld Spin a long (MegaSAL)

"Death" (he's a funny character)

"Quoth the Raven" (haven't come across this character yet, but like the Poe reference.

Vetinari (another SCF one)
 As for my NEWT, it is going very slowly. This

is how far I've gotten in two weeks. I'm spinning "Nobby" as thinly as I can, but I have no idea if it's thin enough to be 3-ply laceweight. All I can do is my best, I suppose, but it's taking an age. Last April my very first laceweight was done in 7 days. Perhaps that's a good sign that I'm spinning thinner. I know I did spin 100g of "Twelve" singles, too, but this "Nobby" is still not even half done.

 Byron's top is only a few inches up.

 Most of the length there is just the front pocket. I have that on a holder, and I'm knitting the body behind it. It's much to big for his skinny butt, too, so I've decreased a few. Just have to knit round and round for a while, now.

I'm already planning my next NEWT. It's going to use up lots of sock yarn! So much easier to buy it than use it! Wonder how many socks I could knit in 4 months...

I have been plotting lots of projects for this term, which actually starts in May. I was disappointed with my low score of 987 (I only scored  under 1000 in second and first terms). It's not bad; apparently the best last term was 1383. Never gotten that much, but I'm going to try! It largely depends upon Quidditch and how much it will be worth. Lots of spinning and weaving. hehe. We'll see. Must learn to crochet some time.

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