Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Socks and Spinning

These three, completed back in March, are all Southern Cross Fibres. The first two are "Midnight" and "Paris" on BFL/silk, and the green is "Atlantic Deep" on Polwarth/silk.

So now, for a change, I'm spinning some more SCF. Polwarth/tencel in "Peacoat" and "Twelve"

Yep, they're Doctor Who theme colorways. Anyone (who is quick) can buy the "coordinating colors" each month, but you have to be in the Club to get the main colors. Last I checked, I was 149th on the waiting list. I had to buy "Twelve" from someone in America (so it's already flown there and back), but I do love the colors and the fibre. This is the one I chose to start my NEWT with, because it was my birthday and my favorite. :)

Nearly finished spinning the singles, but I have to get onto the things I said I'd spin for the first 50%, so you won't see this n4 plied for a while.

NEWT 7. I direct you to my NEWT proposal for info, but basically I'm doing 7 projects as a study of 7 characters in the Harry Potter world. I decided to study the Weasley kids.

Things to do for 50%

* Ron: Knit Byron a hooded vest (his birthday present) in cotton. Yep. He's decided wool is itchy, even the nice Madelinetosh MCN I used last year, and wants to try cotton. (And would like gloves and a hat). I got the cotton today (in a big pile of new stash!); it's blue and white, and is going to have something to do with the TARDIS. Those are my instructions. lol.

* Charlie and Percy. Spin two lots of laceweight. Both of them are also SCF. 

South African Superfine. "Nobby"

Bond/silk. "Chai Spice"

Not too bad, I think. I've said I'll try to spin a 3ply laceweight and beat my best yardage if I can. To be laceweight (according to the NEWT rules) it has to be 25 WPI. I'm aiming at 1500 yards per 100g.

Sad, the way I think of yarn in yards, now. Luckily, I'll never get the hang of ounces! hehe.

Things to do for 75%

I'm doing these two skeins of Doctor Who fibre for Fred and George. My plan is to Navajo 4-ply them both, so that I'll end up with one skein that is 3 strands of  Peacoat and 1 of  Twelve, and another skein that is 1 strand of Peacoat and 3 of Twelve. 

Things to do for 100%

Bill - Knit Fred and George's yarns into a shawl called "The age of Brass and Steel". Alternating the stripes.

Ginny - Make a sleeveless hoodie for Jasmine's birthday. Chose Paprika, in a neutral colored yarn.

And the socks are done. I did the feet first, with 2.5mm needles. Nice and dense with sport-weight (5ply) yarn.

Hehe. They're all enclosed. Then I picked up stitches like one does for an Afterthought Heel, right on those grey stripes near the top there, but knit an afterthought leg instead. Also used bigger needles, because they go faster, and I don't need the legs to dense like the soles and heels.

I'm determined to knit 15 pairs in 2015. So this is pair 2... I'm a bit behind :)

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