Monday, July 27, 2015

Bendigo 2015

Firstly, I finished my Sprig top (extra length and short sleeves) just in time to wear to Bendigo.

 It's asymmetric, which requires a bit of concentration. You start at the top of the left shoulder, going back and forth, adding stitches, and you end up with an uneven neckline. Then you make raglan sleeves, and sew about a zillion k's of stocking stitch. And after that you have many, many rows of charts to follow, making a cabled edging with its own icord edge.

I like it. It's actually this color:

This is me, sitting in FunBugs while the kids ran around playing for 4 hours, knitting on the neck. On the one long needle I've picked up the light green stitches, and on the other I'm knitting the cable chart, back and forth, and every time they meet I knit two stitches together. Neat!

The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show was terrible.

I had to put up with this, and in the middle of Winter! hehe.

Here's Kathy's Fibres, one of my favorites.

I got these two in a colorway called Goldfields. One is merino and sparkly stuff, and the other is Merino/alpaca/silk.

Also got this Optim (merino) in "Sunset" because I knew Jasmine would want it. :)
Got this one from Gin and Tonic Yarns, mainly because of the cheeky Aussie name: "A dingo took my ANZAC biscuit!"

These three DK yarns from Moseley Park (and one BFL sock yarn on the right). These DK yarns are from Mum (who gave me Bendi money for my birthday). Thanks, Mum! I'm planning to make the kids each a hat from them.

Tundra from Ixchel which is ... Quiviut, Angora, Cashmere, Merino, Silk and Tencel! I can't tell you how soft it is! I'm making this one "From Kelly", since she gave me Bendigo Money for my birthday. Thanks, Kelly!

Merino/Alpaca/Silk from Moseley Park (love this mix)

And BFL/mohair from MP. Not the usual 75/25 mix I normally get from Kathy's Fibres that's so nice for socks, but then, I might 2ply it with some straight BFL, and that will make the mix right.
Sock needles. Love ChiaoGoo. Thought I'd try their bamboo needles for a change.
From the competition cabinets: Amazing lace,

awesome weaving,

cool felting,

and some creative little cables
Lunch :)

I also found some Madelinetosh Vintage. I could spend all my money there, but I only came home with three. Espadilles, Daffodil and Whitewash. (The names underneath are the Ravelers I pinched the pictures from, since mine are terrible.)




And then I wandered home a little earlier than usual. I did see the fashion parade, but didn't see anything worth taking pictures of. It's wool, but it's generally not knitting. I got some dinner and stopped at Lake Weerona Park and watched people, and knitted... but more on that next time.

I've got some more spinning to do.

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ruthsplace said...

The top is amazing! I love the colours. I've added it to my queue for "one day when I live somewhere cold enough to wear a jumper..."

Such unusual winter weather for Bendigo. I'm green with envy over your haul, lots of lovely things.

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