Thursday, July 30, 2015

In the Club

Some people who dye wool fibre have a Fibre Club. If you join it, you pay each month (or whatever time frame) and you get a surprise in the post. With Kathy's Fibre, she lets us know that "the next Club is on the website" and there are a certain amount available until it's sold out.

I've had my eye on the Southern Cross Fibres Club for ages. I added my name to the waiting list a few years ago, and last year in June, when I asked, David Shulz said I was 149th on the slow-moving list.

This month, I finally got in! I had ordered some "coordinates", which anyone who is quick enough can do, and he wrote back saying "Didn't you get my message? You're in the Club now!" (My silly old hotmail address was hacked a while ago, and I haven't been able to use it since).

So this month I got some new fibre called "Eider". Good to try new things. I had asked for two green coordinates, and now that I'm in the Club I'm getting one of each of the two colorways he makes every month. So these four:


And Olive (dark) and Cedar (light) to go with the Lily
It's not a soft wool, like Merino, more like Shetland or Finn. In other words, probably good for tough things like socks or jumpers. I've spun up the Water already, as part of the Tour de Fleece.

Eider. "Water".
Shetland. "Gorse"
South African Superfine. "Vetinari"
Finn. "Quiet Shade"
Merino. A 2ply mix of "Death" and "Jewel"
Merino/stellina. "Autumn Shimmer"
That's all the spinning from the Tour de Fleece this year, plus a little bit of the leftover "Death", which got added to some green Shetland a few days later. Total length of singles spun (between July 4-26) was 4993y/4565m. I put them all into classes and things, in the Harry Potter game, plus this one

Shetland in "Foliage" and merino in "Death". Half the skein is a 3ply of both (2 green, one purple) and half the skein is N-plied green).
I'm spinning one last fibre now (the brightly colored one I got from Bendigo) and then... NEWT 8 begins!

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