Monday, August 17, 2015


Today is the day where Southern Cross Fibres puts 'spoilers' up. I was going to Not Look this month, and get a surprise, but I found I couldn't resist. I clicked "refresh" every few minutes on the website (because David said "after breakfast on Monday") and was nearly late taking the kids to school :)

Anyway, if you're in the SCF club and you don't want to see, look away.

I did some dyeing of my own yesterday, and put some pink, blue and purple into Jasmine's hair. It was lots of fun. Her hair is getting longer, but she's also brushing herself with more care, so it's not as tangley as it used to be. The pink overwhelmed the blue a bit (and the blue stripe is thinner). The purple is in the ends of her hair, but you can't really tell the difference between purple and pink. Should have added more blue. Anyway,
she ran off to school, all smiles, to show off her hair, so she's happy.



This month the Club fibre is organic merino, and this is the one I loved right off

Laurel Crown
For that one I bought the light blue coordinate and the green coordinate, as shown in the SCF picture

with Fairway and Tidepool

But now that I look at it, I can't wait to spin the other colorway, too. It's very cheerful!


Ink Blue
And I got the coordinating darker blue for that one. There was a purple, but I've got a bit of dark purple in my stash still.

I'm not doing anything except socks at the moment (because that's all I'm getting Points for). I got my personal best score last term... and Slytherin came last in both Quidditch and the House Cup. This next term I'm going to get a lower score, maybe my lowest ever. But I have lots of sock yarn to dye, and some spinning to do, if the socks get done.

So far I've done one red sock and one orange sock, and I'm working on Red2. I'll show you the pairs as they're done. The yarn is nice, and the reinforced bits on the sole look as if they'll work well. If I finish this NEWT, that will be 450 points for Slytherin, anyway. We'll see how we go next term. Due for a win, I'd say!


ruthsplace said...

What did you use to dye the hair? I have a little one who would love that! Very jealous of your fibre coming in as well.

Alrischa said...

Hi, Ruth. I used a semi-permanent dye in a tube I got at the supermarket called Brite Organix. And I used an old paintbrush to paint it on.

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