Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Wo, these ones are bright!!

Love them. Love how the legs are long and the heel flap didn't need any backwards knitting (because it's a Fleegle heel) and how I'm going to use that strategy in the next pair so I don't have to cable on the wrong side, and the moss stitch columns, and the cables!

They took forever! But they did use 95g (of the 100g I had), and were not exactly TV knitting.

Now I'm up to green!!

Green sparkly stuff from Stranded in Oz, with a DNA-shaped cable that denatures when it meets the heel. They're called "Denature", and I'm finding them slow-going, too! Mostly because every chart row needs concentration. Luckily, 2/3 of it is stocking stitch, but I'm not sure I'm going to finish them in my week off. I'll do my best.

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ruthsplace said...

The yellow socks are lovely, but I adore the green yarn and the pattern on those socks. They are going to be fabulous.

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