Saturday, October 3, 2015


Look at this cute face. You wouldn't think he could be ever naughty, right?

hehe. I told him, when I left for the Bendigo Wool Festival, that I'd get him some green yarn and make him a hat and some gloves. Haven't gotten to the gloves yet, but the hat is done, and fits him perfectly :)

He immediately reminded me about the gloves. Haha. At least he loves knitted things for now.

Finished the Denatures by knitting them all the time, even in my work break at around 3am. I did the same Fleegle Heel as was in the Rose Tyler pattern (so as to avoid having to cable on the wrong side of the heel flap) and then reinforced the heel with a strand of black. Looks a bit dodgy, and forgot to do the ball of the toe until it was too late, but it will be extra tough, anyway. The yarn is from Bendi a while back, from Stranded in Oz and called "Friar Tuck Green". Sparkles! I liked the way the lurex (or whatever it is) is incorporated in this yarn, not in bits that stick out (like many sparkly yarns) but chain plied through it somehow.

There is 7g of green yarn left. I was a bit worried. That's one of the things I hate about top-down socks; nothing you can do if you run out of yarn. If you start at the toe and you run out half-way up the leg, you can either add a different yarn that will rarely be seen under your jeans, or just stop there and have shorter socks.

So the next socks are being knit toe-up (in spite of the pattern). It's basically just a cable and rib pattern that can be plugged into any basic sock pattern anyway. I knit a bit today, while the kids were at a playground. Very bright blue, like sky blue with hints of purple. I wouldn't have thought it my color, particularly, but I'm loving it. Nice to do something a bit different.

The colorwork is on the bottom. I'm doing 2x2 squares this time, which is actually easier, and Magic Loop, which actually doesn't work. I have to just slip all the sole stitches to the other needle every second row. But never mind; I'm only doing 20 rows or so of the reinforcement.

More cranking experiments. I used two balls of DK weight acrylic that the boys had bought me one Christmas. First I cranked one holding one strand, then I joined the next ball with both ends and cranked it with 2 strands held together. So there's about 175cm of single-yarn "scarf" and 60cm of doubled-yarn "hat". I finished off the ends, and gave it to Zac, but Jasmine did a little model for me first.


I only spun one thing this last month, but it was a 200g skein of 6ply and equal to about 1200y (1100m) of singles.

It's just a little sparkly. One of the strands is merino/alpaca/silk and the other is merino/stellina, but they're the same colorway (Goldfields by Kathy's Fibres). One was spun from one end to the other (with long color changes) and the other was split in length-ways bits first (short color changes). So it should be interesting to see how it knits up. I think I'll try it on Cranky; that's why I made it so thick, after all. :)

Last: new colors from Southern Cross Fibres, in the mail on their way to my house right now!


Land Under Wave
 Following a Terry Pratchett's Discworld theme. There were a lot of coordinates I loved, especially the red one called "Cheep", but I didn't get any this month. I don't want to drown in fibre, after all :)

If you've ever read "Wee Free Men" you might get where "Cheep" comes from. I won't spoil it for you, except to say that when I was reading it to my kids, all three of them nearly rolled off the couch laughing.

And now, back to my Mission (for the Order of the Phoenix) which is to spin 750y of a 3ply. I'm spinning one ply each of the blue-green trio from the August SCF club. The Tidepool singles are done; two to go.


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