Saturday, October 10, 2015

Coloring in

This last month we've gotten some new chickens. They're actually mine ;) but everyone's eating the eggs. I'm keeping a little egg record, and in the first 2 weeks we got about 50 eggs. The kids have been on school holidays, but as soon as they went back to school (so they wouldn't be chased too much) I let the chooks out of their coop to wander around the yard.

Ok, they did chase them a little bit before school, and the 8 month old cat, Pepper, had a bit of a stalk, but the six chooks are unconcerned. They just wander about, clucking happily.

Promised Jasmine I'd dye her hair with some semi-permanent colors before school, so this is it. Bit of blue and purple, bit of pink. hehe.

This month I've dyed some sock yarn, sprinkling dye powder on first, then making a long skein and dipping part into dye pots so there would be stripes. Here's one color repeat wrapped around my rolling pin.

 And cranked another double-hat using the handspun from last month. It's too long, this one, but you can pin it into a cowl, too. hehe.

 I've been working steadily on my blue socks, which are done up to the ankle. They're simple enough, and I still like the color, but I'm getting tired of knitting socks. Still, I want to complete my little rainbow before I have a holiday from socks.


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ruthsplace said...

I love her hair! You are going to have a wonderful collection of rainbow socks.

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