Sunday, October 18, 2015


Another pair! I now have 5 pairs of brand new socks. Sigh. Next up are Police Box Sox, which are "indigo" and have a TARDIS pattern. Everything is blue at the moment. :)

I have done one more lot of singles for the Mission mix, but I'm not sure I have time to finish it this month. If I do get some spare time (and I only have 9 nights off to finish the PBS) I might do a few small things for classes (to get some points).

Also planning the next NEWT project. Inspiration is eluding me, to be honest. Perhaps I'll make a bunch of charity hats, like thirty or something. I can crank a few. I have some FlyBuys money available, and I might get some more of that MT chunky for charity hats. Charity hats should be knit in nice yarn.

The machine knitting bug has bitten me a bit. I'm actually thinking of saving for a Sock Knitting machine. It whips up plain socks or ribbed socks. Takes the "hand-made" part out of the value a bit, but who cares. I might get myself one for my birthday next year, and tell my family I'll whip them up any socks they're prepared to buy sock yarn for.

Then I might be able to keep up with socks for myself (say, 20 pairs a year) and for the kids and N, if he wants them, and charity socks, too. Could make a pair a week. I think the learning curve for CSM's is quite steep, but I know a few people on Ravelry who will surely give me some advice when I need it.

P.S. Here's a bit of the Southern Cross Fibres club that's coming my way soon. I have a coordinating one that goes with this (the yellowish color) and another that is red and green and autumny. This one's my favorite. I'm going to have to get spinning to keep up with the new stuff! And then, find some things to knit with all this handspun :)


kelgell said...

20 pairs a year!? Do you really go through that many?? Love the fibre that's coming your way. Truly great colours. I wonder how it will spin up.

Alrischa said...

Of course not. Don't think I own that many, though there are a lot in the "to darn" box. But I could *have* 20 new pairs a year, perhaps :)

Started spinning that one tonight :)

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