Monday, March 21, 2016

7 nights to go

I have a few things to finish by the end of the month, and only 7 non-work nights left. (I can take knitting to work but it's been far too busy lately to get even a few rows in.) I have yet to finish

* spinning for Quidditch (a third done)
* socks for Quidditch (needs cuffs, heels and toes x2)
* socks for a class (needs cuffs, heels and toes x2, too)
* a class I haven't even started yet.
* another class I haven't started yet.

I've just clicked over 1000 points for this term in the HP knitting game, but I've got over 300 to collect somehow in order to beat my personal best (in a term I did an OWL).

At least my OWL is done. I made a project for each house; this month it was the two spinning ones for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

The 2ply BFL (the red and yellow one) is underspun (although I thought it was overspun) and it looks very underplied now, even though it's balanced. It's supposed to look tightly twisted when it's finished, and that also makes it stronger. David says it would be better to have tightly twisted unbalanced yarn if I want to use it for socks, but if it's curling back on itself it won't do for the sock machine. It's also a bit too thin. 100g of regular sock yarn is, say, 400y, and this is 566. I could have N-plied it and it would have looked much nicer and still been sock yarn.

Oh, well. One day I'll make a 2ply I like. Possibly.

The Ravenclaw one is lovely, though: N-plied polwarth and tencel. I've already wrapped it up ready to go, although I think I will make it a Mission for next term, which won't start until May.

Today I finished two things: Armwarmers (which are being called legwarmers for the purposes of Muggle Studies, which had to do with the Eighties)

(Byron's legs. He ran off with them after this, saying how warm his legs were...)

and a handspun cowl


It's about 14 inches high, and  bunches up around my neck nicely. Not sure about that pale green, though. That may end up tucked under and sewn down as a hem.

I've also finished this slouchy little cabled hat, which is for the charity box.

Now it's 8:30, and I'm going to keep going with my very colorful and bright merino spinning (for Quidditch!) and some green socks. 6.8 nights to go!

P.S. Warning for SCF spoilers


New stuff! I got  a "sweater quantity" of fibre from February's SCF club

and this March special edition from Lorna's Laces. This is the Quintet. It's sock yarn, 25g each of the 5 colors in their colorway of the month. I also got a skein of sock yarn and worsted weight yarn. Unfortunately, the colors in the other two are not so bright (more of a semisolid brown) so it's not obvious that they're supposed to "go together". But I daresay they'll look ok. I'm thinking of a shawl with this set, and a hat with the thick skein and gloves with the sock yarn skein.

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