Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Finally used my set of Strickwear Merging Colors that I bought in a destash ages ago. They're a set of 8x 30g skeins of laceweight, slowly changing from pale green to reddish brown. I had to count the strands in a skein to work out the yardage, and then ball them all up. Only one had been balled up when I bought it: the green. And that one had been chewed by something in its previous house.

This is some of it. Sigh. But I managed to warp the loom, using two strands held together and doing ten 'slots' per color.

I put a texta mark on the left side at every 10 inches (making 8 sections) and then started weaving, changing color whenever I got to a texta mark, holding two strands together as well. So there is a rectangle of "green crossing green" on one corner and "brown crossing brown" at the opposite corner, and a diagonal line between them of "solid" rectangles.

Also this month, I used up all my "Esmerelda" N4ply to make a hat and some handwarmers. The gloves are the simple ones like I made the kids this year, except I did a few extra rounds, and did 3x2 ribbing throughout.

And spun up some green Eider

and some very nice Polwarth

I separated out most of the purple first, so I could have a handful of coordinating color. Seems to have worked out well. Pepper did "play" with a bit of the purple, but it's almost all there!

And now onto March, which is just a little longer. I have 10 things planned! Not sure there are quite enough days for that, but I'll try. Must get points! lol...

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