Thursday, April 27, 2017


This month I'm having a rest from deadlines. The HPKCHC game gets a bit competitive towards the end, especially, and you begin to feel that you have to knit every spare minute, which does take a bit of the fun out. (We Slytherins came second in the House Cup, by the way, and won the Quidditch Cup!)

My goals this month, therefore, were to get three cranked sock tubes up to "almost finished" (so that I can finish them for "Detention" for 10 points).

 I have these ones, which need the heels kitchener-stitched closed

And these ones, which have a few ends to sew in

 And these ones, which need the hemmed picot cuff stitched down (and then I'll re-dye them! The yarn looked pretty in the skein and horrible knit up!)

 By the end of July I should have 4 pairs of socks in my Box 'o Sox, at least.

My other goal was to knit a chunk of my Gala top from 2012. I'm up to about 200g/35cm here, and should be up to 40cm by the end of the month. (Nothing else to knit!)


I love spinning; it's easy, relaxing and gets lots of points. But my box of handspun is overflowing, so I'm determined to knit up a lot of it. Two of my Ravelry friends and I have started a thread to encourage others to knit their handspun, too. I'm not sure I'll get through all this in 2 months, but I'm going to get through some of it, at least. I'm even planning a laceweight shawl that finally uses my Nobby laceweight (on the right, there).

As for July, well that's Tour de Fleece, so I'm going to undo my hard work, basically, and refill my handspun box! :)

Another Rav friend made me this. LOL. I think I'll change my Ravatar...

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