Thursday, September 21, 2017

Doctor Who scarf.

This is my latest large project: a season 18 Doctor Who scarf! To my surprise, I quite like the colors (although the whole time I was knitting them, I thought they didn't really work so well together) and the yarn is softer, after a wash, than I thought it would be.

It's almost 800g, and, as per instructions, touches the ground both ends with a loop that also reaches the ground. Of course, it's not practical to wear it like that.

This is how I'm mostly wearing it (and I've worn it a lot since finishing it). Basically, it just wraps around lots, so I can walk. I normally fold it in half (so the right sides are out) and wrap it around my neck twice and tuck the ends through the fold (a la Sherlock). It still hangs down to my knees :) and feels like I've got a blanket wrapped around my shoulders.

Kept track of all those stripes (over 1200 rows) in my bullet journal. Very helpful!

Blocked it by soaking it, and hanging it over the garden shed. It went from about 4.5m to about 6m :)

Love it. It's so long!

Current NEWT is going along very slowly. I decided to choose a subject I'd avoided in all my 8 OWLs and 11 NEWTs so far: Herbology. This one involves cables, and I know that, although I can do them, they're very slow and tedious for me. So I set myself a jumper with lots of cables :) just to prove to myself that I can.

The NEWT committee volunteers didn't think one cabled jumper was big enough for a NEWT (although I did) and requested just a little more... so I first made a cowl for Nathan and spun up about 650y of merino/rose 3ply. As for the top, I have the sleeves done and about 80 rows of the back.

I'm only just keeping up! Cables! 

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