Wednesday, September 13, 2017


 July was for spinning, and I ended up spinning over 5.5km of singles, which is my PB, I think :)

The one on the left is "Wonder Woman" yarn that David from SCF dyed up, just to show us how he used pictures as inspiration. It matched my Ravatar at the time (which someone made me) and was also a prize :)

Hehe. Of course, right in the middle of the TdF was the Bendigo Wool Festival. After last year, I decided I wasn't going back. There were too many non-yarn stalls and already-knitted things, and not enough different fibres (ie all merino and alpaca), hardly any interesting fibres, and frankly, things were cheaper on the internet. Also, I felt a bit sick, and that my stash was out of control.

This year, though, Jacki (another knitter from work) persuaded me to give it another go. I went, on a sunny Saturday, just after doing the tax return (ie with money in my pocket) and a determination to buy just whatever I felt like.

Had a great day!  Ended up coming home by about 5; took this picture in Creswick on the way past. I got lots of sock yarn, some Soak, some needles, a bit of fibre, and some DK and chunky yarn. :)

(More pictures on Instagram; I'm alr1scha on there)

I've already spun up one of the fibres (the one on the right, above) and knit up the green speckley DK yarn. It turned out to be perfect for the project Jasmine asked for for her 9th birthday. Very scaley. :)

Hehe. It's called "Dugite" or something. Only the head is stuffed; the rest is stockinette stitch that just rolls in on itself sideways (which makes it very floppy and bendy, more snakelike than a stuffed one) and she's surprisingly proud of me for making it. LOL.

And now I'll sign off (because Blogger is being annoyingly iPad-incompatible and jumping to the top of the screen every second letter I type (very flashy and irritating), and my computer is being too slow). I've been slack with my blog because, frankly, everything's on Ravelry :) but I'm on holidays from work, and so I'll add a smaller post more often :)

Next time: my latest OWL and my current NEWT...

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