Tuesday, July 11, 2017


More spinning accidentally happened this month. Hehe.

This one was for Quidditch: a colorway I thought was very Gryffindor. It's actually Finn/Rose by Kathy's Fibres, and the colorway is called Nomad. Loved it.

And then a bit of plain grey (SCF "Cast Iron"), which was surprisingly enjoyable to spin

Just as well, because I may have bought a kilo of grey fibre from SCF on sale ;)

Whipped up a cowl and some hats on my Addi King Express (a little finishing required)

Then I used my sock machine to crank up some socks for the Box O Sox. Looking forward to this Christmas present :)


Matchy opposite socks

Then I thought I'd try some Felici Worsted sock yarn (which is fairly new) and made some fat Jaywalker socks with it.

My Mission took lots of my hours this month, but I'm not getting any closer to the end. It's a laceweight garter stitch black hole! I think I'll finish it one day... but probably not in July.

July is for Spinning!

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ruthsplace said...

Love the spinning and the knitting. Gorgeous as always. I'd be interested to hear what you think of the Felici.

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