Thursday, December 18, 2008

Green bits

I haven't posted for ages, because it seems somehow pointless to write anything in a knitting blog without pictures. But my progress on the Vivian is very slow. Some days I only get a row or two done Ü

I think I'm up to the 17th row now.

Anyway, I've taken a break these last few days to do the following:

1. Read! (Stupid addictive Twilight Series)

2. Hat lining. Sigh. My DH tells me that wool makes him itch, so rather than waste all the time put into his nice merino hat, I'm wasting more time knitting a lining in a super soft acrylic to somehow put on the inside. I'm doing about 20 rows of 2x3 rib (same as the hat) and trying to decide, as I knit, how I'm going to best attach it.

3. Another cotton Katja, this time for Jasmine. I should do my jumper first, but I want to make her this so she can wear it this Summer. Of course, it's Summer in Australia right now, so if I wait until the Vivian is finished, she'll be too cold, and before long, too big.

I started going backwards and forwards, but then I decided to join it, though it has to stretch a bit to fit on my 80cm circular. I added a cable down the front and a 7-wide column of moss stitch down the back, so that I can disguise the "jog" where you do a little garter stitch.
Well, one more week until Christmas, but only today left before my DH is on holidays, so I'm going to have to do a fair bit of his hat today!
I'm planning to start back on the Vivian in a few days. I even wrote myself out a bit of a schedule (which is setting myself up for failure, I guess, but I'm a ListMaker) to make sure I finish it by my birthday Ü
Hopefully it will fit! I must do more exercise!!

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Tara said...

LOL!!!! I TOLD you Twilight was addictive. I just finished it, and I'm a bit sad, actually. I think I'll see the movie again over the Holidays! Can't wait to see your progress on Vivian.

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