Sunday, December 7, 2008


Here is the Katja I finished yesterday, while Zara's parents were over for tea. Zara is Byron's little friend (they've known each other since before they were born, pretty much, and are the same age.) So Zara is a lucky little honorary family member who gets a knitted Christmas present, when noone else in my family will Ü

Mainly because I saw the Bamboozle worsted bamboo/cotton, and had to buy it (it's very soft and pretty), and this looked fun to make...

I ended up buying one extra skein to finish it off, so I used about 2.2x 50g balls. I knitted a size 2 with 5.5mm needles instead of 4.5, so it's a little big for her (she's 18 months). But it's still cute and I love it! I added the ribbon eyelets, but forgot to buy a ribbon (that's present-wrapping curly 'paper' ribbon you can see), and right after this photo, I took it off and wrapped it for Christmas. (As the first grandchild on both sides, she's going to need all the presents she can get... LOL). I've already bought more Bamboozle to make one for Jasmine.


I have stalled long enough, and am determined to cast on the Vivian today. I still have a few WIPs, but at least I am casting on! If I have time, that is. It's my MIL's 60th tomorrow (Happy Birthday, Cheryl!) and we're going out for lunch today. Anyway, I bought a 200g ball of nice soft Aussie merino from Bendigo Woolen Mills (online) and I'll order some more. It's cheap and nice!


Tara said...

That Katja is really cute! I was going to say no worries on the size thing, she's got time to grow into before the summer, then I remembered that it IS summer for you guys right now. Right! Southern hemisphere, gotta remember that.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

I left you an award on my Mommatudes blog! Go check it out!!

Karin said...

Katja is so cute.

As for time to knit socks - I have a lot of stash. I must stop buying in 2009. Sock yarn is so easy to buy though because you don't need much of it. I have slowed down with socks, but do have two different pairs on the needles.

So little time, but lots to knit


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