Saturday, November 29, 2008

Half a slow sock

Is it really the 29th!? Lucky I've given up on most of that Christmas list, or I'd be so stressed!

Here's a fun thing about knitting socks on two circulars... the ability to try on as you go.

Look, yellow!
Yellow cotton... hey... I hate knitting with cotton! How did cotton get into the basket when I only went in to get some 6mm and 5.5mm circulars?

Stupid soft cotton. I needed some yellow, because Someone is knitting yellow socks and I'm in a yellow mood. And then I thought, "get some green and make Byron a little Aussie Scarf". And then I saw this beautiful Bamboozle, with a swatch done. It's red and pink and orange in a way that makes me think of raspberries, and I immediately thought it would be fun to make Byron's friend, Zara, a little singlet top...

I picked "Katja" from Ravelry, though I think I'm going to need to buy a bit more.

When will I start my Viv?

Check out these keen little pre-knitters. Even Jasmine grabs my wool all the time. Yesterday she managed to grab it with her toes. Hehe!

P.S. You're such a bad influence on me, Tara, that when I saw "Twilight" in the shops tonight, I bought it immediately. I don't think I even read the back cover first!


Tara said...

LOL!! I've enabled you into yellow cotton AND Twilight? I RULE!!!

I dunno about the cotton, but I take FULL responsibility for the book. I'm LOVING them (I'm on book 3 already - insert sheepish grin here), I hope you do too!

Knit Purl Gurl said...

'Love the socks!! That's why I knit using Magic Loop - I need to try the socks on as a go or else they just don't fit right.

You bought Twilight? You'll be addicted in no time!!

Karin said...

Love the socks and the cute preknitters. They are adorable!

I love knitting two socks on two needles, but still love double pointed needles too.


Alrischa said...

I met three women in a shop the other day, discussing the books. I said to them, "I've just finished Twilight, and it was excellent" and talked them into getting it Ü

You're an Admiral Enabler now, because your enablees are enabling others. hehe.

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