Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Finished Pinwheel

Finally finished the arm today, and sewed in all the ends! It still needs to be blocked, but otherwise it's DONE!

Baby version (with the sleeves rolled up). Not really much of a hood, but wearable.

I like it much better as a toddler jacket. Apparently it fits til they're about 4. I'm going to put a couple of toggle buttons on, I think.

I am not completely happy with the silly sleeve saga, but my dear hubby likes how it looks and has convinced me to leave it a while.

Besides, I can redo the sleeves any time I like in the future.

Basically, I looked at the yarn in the shop, decided it was the same, and bought it. Actually, I bought number 7 and number 8, which are quite different. One (which I used in the edge of the circle bit) has quite dark sections, and the second (which I changed to half way along the first sleeve) is more... er... muted? It didn't matter, though, as all the colors matched, and I thought, "Oh, well. I'll just get some more number 8 and do the other sleeve the same."
But it's apparently a very different dye lot!
You can see the difference in the first photo (of the back) that the dark stripes on the sleeve are much darker on the right sleeve than the left.
Grr! I think I will rip them out one day. But not yet.
My other gripe with the pattern is that some of the ends (where the colors join) can be seen when you fold back the collar for the toddler version. I wish they had the color joins along the side or something... sigh. Next time.
Anyway, I am glad to be finished it, and only mildly annoyed at the sleeves because it's midnight and I'm tired. Why am I up?


Tara said...

I see what you mean about the sleeves. Even though it isn't REALLY that noticeable, it'd drive me insane as well. It looks beautiful though. I wish I'd made one of those for Émilie when she was smaller.

kelgell said...

Very cute jacket though. I love the colours and the pinwheel design. And it's really neat that it can be for babies and toddlers. Will get lots of use.

Sinéad said...

I think your jacket is lovely! The sleeves look fine to me; a lovely design.

Knit Purl Gurl said...

It's so gorgeous!!! I'm so taken with the back, that I didn't even give the sleeves a second glance. I think it's just fine! :)

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