Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Secret hat

I finally finished the secret Christmas hat, and it worked out really well. It's a simple rib but with a very neat shaping. I like it. It's pretty big on the boy (18 months old) but it fits me just fine. Of course, it's not for me.

The merino is the cheap stuff I got, locally made yarn that was not selling (it was grey) so the lovely people at Willabaa dyed it in blues and greens and made it half-price ($6 for 100g). The hat used about half of one skein, so I have 250g left Ü ...I plan to make some matching gloves.

Note that he's playing with the circulars that I finally stopped hogging.

It's about 5000 stitches, so if my dear hubby doesn't like it, he'd better not tell me so...
Also finished the Bainbridge scarf. Used some very cheap bulky yarn. 150g. Probably made it a bit long, but oh well. I like the broken rib pattern (1st row: k1, p1. 2nd row: knit). I ended up turning it inside out because the purl side was interesting. Bit itchy, though, and not tight enough around the neck. Live and learn.

Finished the dropstitch scarf. Here it is blocking on the bed. A good blocking gave it about 50% more length! It's nice and stretchable. It's now 155cm.

And I'm up to the heel flap in my first Broadripple sock. Knitting with two circulars is going well, except that they're cheap and the yarn keeps catching where the cable and needle join. But it looks good so far.
Finally, I bought a pattern off the internet, and I plan to make it for myself... for my birthday in April. Hopefully I'll make the deadline, because then I've got to do one for Byron in May and Jasmine in July (I have Weasleyish ambitions). Jasmine's getting a Bunnyhop, but I don't know what to make Byron yet. Still, I'm putting off casting on for the new project because once I start it I think my socks and gloves and little dress will be cast aside.
It's the Vivian! (Ok, I may have already done a swatch...)
This will be a bit of a challenge, and if that's not a challenge enough, I'm also challenging myself. I'm knitting a size smaller, because I plan to fit into it by then. Eeek...
Also, I don't have enough yarn for the 44" one. Ü
I have some worsted wool in a heathery green I like, but it was on sale (7 balls for $14). It's just Lion brand Wool ease Worsted, but that's what I'm using, and I can't seem to find more.
Anyway, I need to lose 3 bust inches, which should be doable with such a nice piece of incentive.
Dreams. Sigh.


Tara said...

My my my, you certainly are racking up the FOs, aren't you? I've been neglecting my knitting lately. Too busy reading the Twilight books. Another day, another healthy obsession!

Alrischa said...

That's what happens a little while after Startitis, I guess Ü

Sinéad said...

Wow, it's busy knitting at your house! I love your dropped stitch scarf, the colurs are yummy.

kelgell said...

I guess that's what you get when you keep switching projects. You get a rush of finished ones. The hat looks good. Byron's cute too. Hey, if were both free we could walk the lake some time. Push the kids and end up at the playground. I could do with loosing some too.

Karin said...

Cute hat. You are certainly getting in lots of knitting.


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