Monday, November 3, 2008

Something finished

Ok, it was a quick knit, and it refuses to felt much (silly thing!) ...but it's fat and cute and I'm not minding the pink-green colors, now.

I love the creative little handle, how it can be two short or one long. Will have to make another one, maybe with a different brand of wool.

Also made this cheeky girl a little lace headband. Blocked it and everything. Was so cute! Put it on, and it stretched into pattern-oblivion. Should have just made it garter stitch!!

It's 135am. I must get off this silly thing!


Karin said...

Love the dumpling bag. It's so cute. So is the headband and the baby.


Tara said...

Jasmine is such a charmer! I never thought to knit a headband for Émilie, but I did knit her "ribbons" once.

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