Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Summer Singlet

This is another Katja , this time for Jasmine. Isn't she cute! I added a cable down the front, and a moss stitch panel down the back (to disguise the jog you get when you do a bit of garter stitch in the round). I also made the body first (with an eyelet row for a ribbon) and picked up the triangles later.

It's very soft and nice - Bamboozle, like the last one, but in blues and pale green/yellow. I finished it yesterday, and today was perfect weather for it.

Jasmine thinks she looks pretty good.

Here she is with a tshirt-suit under it. She'll be able to wear it all year!
I really should get on with the Vivian. I realized I made a slight cabling error. I've been cabling every 4th row, instead of row 4 and every 6th. Oops! I'm not going to frog, though, as knitting-hours are too valuable to waste (when you have littlies) for something so minor.


Tara said...

Jasmine is adorable in her Katia! I wish I'd known about this pattern when Émilie was little!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's darling! Another thing to add to the "future baby knitting queue". Love the photo of her looking in the mirror, too - what a clever shot.

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