Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

My resolution this year is to make a fun resolution every month. None of this "Lose weight" or "keep the kitchen clean" rubbish!

My January resolution is to write a book and knitting goal each week. This week (that is, by Sunday... it's a short week) is to read "Graceling" and finish row 40 on the Vivian.

I'm not sure I'll do either, but it's certainly fun trying. I keep thinking, "I'd really better do some serious reading!"and "I have so much knitting to do!" hehe. It's like a stressless stress.

In light of destressing, I have been decluttering my Ravelry Queue. I decided to allocate each project a month. That way, it doesn't seem so much like "Ahhh... there are so many things I want to start!" and more like "I have a plan for this".

I'm also thinking of decluttering my stash a little, (maybe for February's resolution) by putting yarn that I bought for something into a ziplock bag with a pattern printed out and ready to go. I also might donate my cheap acrylic to charity. I need the space for nicer yarn!


Tara said...

I think your resolution is awesome. I might do the same! Much more realistic, I agree. Happy New Year!

Alrischa said...

Well, I haven't finished the book quite yet (not for lack of trying, but the bubs take offence at being ignored...) and I only got to row 37. But who cares?

Better than wandering aimlessly through the year, I guess.

Goals for this next week are to read, "Picture Perfect" and finish row 50.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of thinking of goals as reminders to do things. Maybe I should take a hint and pick up some knitting this morning. :)

I cleared out my queue, too. It was awesome, since I know I'll be knitting most of the things in it this year, it really feels like I'll achieve and win instead of swimming an upstream race against four kagillion projects.

Happy New Year!

kelgell said...

So that's reading not writing books??

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