Friday, January 23, 2009

The Quick and the Warm

Sunspun are so quick! I spoke to them on the phone yesterday morning, and today I got this in my mailbox!

Not as quick as me, though. I whipped up a whole sock today while looking after two kids.

Ok, it's just a toddler sock. Another 6 month size, gauged up to Byron's size. This isn't the right color, quite... the shade is doing something dodgy with the color. It's more like this...

But the clear winner is the Australian Summer Sun, who dried this lot (which I dyed this morning) in an hour, I swear! It's not even that hot... only about 30 today.

Byron, outside and resting! Almost mutually exclusive terms for him.

Things I have learned today.
1. I can totally turn a heel while walking on the treadmill!
2. Byron has a secret stash of crochet hooks. (I only discovered them because he jammed in one too many, and asked for help to get them out. I never would have found them!)
3. I'm getting a bit addicted to dyeing Ü


Jack said...

I have to laugh at the hook stash!

kelgell said...

Hilarious!! Little hoarder. Was that knitting needle that went missing when I stayed out there in the stash too?? Ha ha. He's such a cutie. Wish I had a car so I could come out and visit more often.

kelgell said...

Oh, where was the stash????

Sinéad said...

Love the coffee yarn; it's yum. Can't wait to see the socks that come of it!
You can turn a heel while on a treadmill? Not a chance that i could. I barely manage to knit in the car!

Alrischa said...

You know my little exercise bike? Well on one of the handles you can pull the end off, and there's a hollow tube Ü

Knit Purl Gurl said...

Lovin' that you turned a heel while on the treadmill - you multitasker, you! I doubt I could do that. I have a hard enough time turning the heel while completely still, in good lighting, with no noise, and the when the knitting gods are smilling on me!

Tara said...

Who ever said that knitting was a stationary activity? You GO girl.

Notice how I'm steadfastly ignoring the "it's only about 30" comment? :P

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