Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Australia Day

Yesterday (Jan 26) was Australia Day, and like good little Aussies, we went and had a barbie with friends and then headed off to see the fireworks. I had made the kids little hats (with cotton and gold or silver held together and 8mm needles) because green and gold are "our colors". Of course, it was a bit dark at the fireworks to see colors anyway, but they were still cute Ü

Grumpy did not feel like smiling, but he's cute nevertheless.

These were the quickest little hats ever. Jasmine's is just garter stitch in green cotton and gold yarn. I had to add a bit of yellow and gold ribbing because it was a bit small. Byron's started off as the Yarn Harlot's one row handspun scarf. But I got tired of it, and decided that a scarf in Summer was a bit odd. So I picked up three triangles on the top and made a hat. His is green and yellow cotton and silver thread. Silver is not technically an Australia Day color, but who really cares?
It sparkled a bit under the fireworks. Ü


Jack said...

The fireworks were cool although watching them from our view point in the middle of the lake was a little odd!

Sinéad said...

Hope you had a great Australia Day! i love the hats, how ingenious are you to turn a scarf into a hat! they're really cute!

Alrischa said...

Yeah, it's kind of funny that the lake is so dry you can stand in the dust in the middle. I can remember the water overflowing onto the road one year! I never thought of sitting in the middle to watch the fireworks, but Byron enjoyed watching the kids with their glow sticks running around out there.

Can you believe there have been two fires in the middle of the lake this last month?! I bet there will be fires near us this week, with all the 40 degree days predicted.

Thanks, Sinéad, but I didn't feel too ingenious when I was casting off Jasmine's hat for the Third Time because I'd had to alter it again! Ü

Tara said...

What a great idea to knit the kids hats for your national holiday! Do I smell an annual tradition coming on?

kelgell said...

Byron's hat is quite appropriate for Australia Day not just with the colours but the bit at the top looks like a fireworks display. LOL. They look cute sitting together with thier hats on. We had a BBQ and went and watched the fireworks too. We walked out on the lake and climbed up on the boatshed jetty thing to watch.

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