Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Barley's little sister

Well, her half-sister, anyway. They have the same dad.

I questioned our neighbor, Mick, about their lineage. I think (because I don't have the best memory) that Barley and her little sister have the same dad, who is an English Leicester. Barley's mum is half EL and half Merino. The little sister's mum was half EL and half black-faced Suffolk.
They're pretty easy to tell apart, because Barley's bigger. She's about a month older, plus, the new sheep was a twin, so she was already a bit littler for her age. And she's got a smidge of black on her nose from her Suffolk grandparent.
How cute are sheep? I was reading a little on the internet that you can get about 5 kilos of fleece from one shearing... is that right!? Imagine having a hundred free 100g balls of wool every year!
All I have to do is get a spinner, learn to spin, find the time, stink out the kitchen with boiled fleece, learn to dye it, and then find heaps of stash space! Ü


Sinéad said...

Barley is so cute! Love the name by the way. How great to have a pet that can feed your hobby too! Happy New Year to you and yours.

Tara said...

Is that all? Should be a piece of cake! LOL!

Jack said...

I love the baa lambs! Very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, they're darling! I'll dye and spin for you!

kelgell said...

He he. I really like that first photo by the way. It makes your property look quite lush.

Alrischa said...

Yeah, how do you like the purple wattle? It's such a great color.

The new sheep is Daisy, by the way. They're good buddies already.

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