Saturday, July 18, 2009


Kelly came over on Thursday night to watch the (sleeping) kids so we (Nathan and I) could go watch Harry Potter. In the morning we (Kelly and I) dropped the kids off at Mum and Dad's and headed North to Bendigo for the annual Sheep and Wool Festival.

Since I've been on a yarn diet, I managed to save a bit of money. Apart from jam donuts and hot potatoes, I was hoping to find a few gadgets, so I found this nice umbrella swift, handmade by Ron West ...

which balled up all these soft merino skeins in no time

I also got a bit of Tarndwarncoort polworth/silk in natural colors

and some plain cream merino from Shiloh ready to practice spinning with another Ron West creation, a cute drop spindle with a banksia spine whorl.

Here is this morning's effort: a terrible, terrible 22g of very thick and very thin yarn. lol.

But it was fun. I dyed a little bit, too, to see how that works out. It's cheap, so it's good for practice. I did have a go on a nice majacraft spinning wheel, but I wasn't very good at it! I decided not to get a nice wheel until I've had a little practice...
We got home just in time to pick up the kids for tea, so it was a long day. But the weather could hardly have been better for the middle of winter... although, as I said to Kelly, it could have been a bit cooler for a yarn festival; everyone was there with all their knitted stuff on, feeling hot!
Hope some of you get to go this weekend and spend some money Ü


kelgell said...

Yeah nice. Just have to practise more with the wool and spindle. I'll have to come out and use that umbrella swift some time too. I had a great time at the show with you too. Thanks for driving.

Tara said...

I haven't been to a fiber festival in forever, I miss it! Great haul!

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