Monday, July 27, 2009

Could you please knit me....?

I've had a project to do this last week, because I had a knitting request: my mum wanted a grey scarf for her birthday. Of course, I didn't find out this until her birthday, so it was a bit of a late present. I made a "scrunchable scarf" out of Luxury 10ply in "Ghost". It's very soft. Nathan held it up to his face (to his prickley cheek!) and declared it scratchy, but I don't know how he can think that. I used about 250g, but it could have been longer, I think. I like the easy, interesting rib pattern...

Then I dyed


and spun up some multicolored wool while watching Twilight again. (hehe). It's only really dyed on the outside, so when I stretched and spun it, I got twists of color and white.

The green/blue stuff is done, and came to about 100g. I'm going to 2 or 3 ply it together when Nathan's finished the Lazy Kate he's making me out in the shed. Ü

The kids are having a nap, and I'm off to have one, too. For some reason I was awake all night last night, and now, of course, I'm exhausted. Stupid pregsomnia. zzzzzzz.


kelgell said...

Ooo that all looks delightful. Will have to try and get out there in the near future and join you in playing with wool. I tried crocheting some mittens with that autumn colour wool I dyed at your house. Unfortunately I didn't have I have to figure out another way to finish them.

Tara said...

Spinning while watching Twilight. Excellent! :)

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