Friday, September 25, 2009

40 in 1

A while ago some people in Ravelry got together and split 40 balls of Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply (one of each color). Here is my little collection.

I decided I had to do a project that included them all, so it became a sideways garter stitch scarf. (This decision was based on my strong desire not to have to weave in eighty ends Ü)

I just did a row of each color, holding the yarn doubled and using 4mm needles. So there's a row of purly bumps on each side in each color.

It's 120g. I had lots of left-overs in all the colors except what I used to cast on and off (probably because I was using a bigger needle). I think there were about 240 stitches per row, and it's 125cm long (175cm with the fringe). It's only 10cm wide, though. Garter stitch is so compacted. But it's nice and thick, soft and warm.

A finished object! About time... Ü
BTW, Happy 10th Anniversary to me! (and my dear hubby, Nathan, of course Ü)


Jack said...

That looks totally cool!

PS: I am a little worried that your verification word was "fists". ;)

kelgell said...

Ah, I saw it on the shelf when we came out Friday. I should have had a look coz I didn't realise it was finished. I love the long length-ways stripes. It looks really cool on scarves.

Anonymous said...

That is the. coolest. use of yarn bits, ever. I love it!

Congrats on your anniversary. :)

Karin said...

Happy Anniversary and the scarf looks really neat. Cool idea to split up the colors of yarn.


Alrischa said...

Hmmm, I was thinking, since I held the yarn doubled, it would have been 160 ends. Glad I didn't have to sew them in... I might have died! lol

Tara said...

Awesome! Such a colourful scarf, and a great way to use leftovers, right? Even if they really *aren't* leftovers, heh.

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