Sunday, April 18, 2010


100g of fiber, spun into 80m. My first attempt at Navajo plying (which is basically just a long chain of big crochet singles, like finger knitting), though I did some practice with old acrylic baby yarn. So it's 3 plies, and ended up being almost 80m. Super bulky! Should make a hat, though:

Cameo project:

Tiny shoes, dyed with jelly. He he he:


Lynne said...

The spun yarn is gorgeous and those shoes are so cute!

kelgell said...

Nice work. They all look good. That homespun was pretty good too. It didn't look so thick/thin/thick....ya know?

Sinéad said...

Shoes dyed with jelly? What kind of jelly? Here jelly is a wobbly dessert (US call it Jell-O) in the US jelly is jam. Either way, that sounds delicious! Poor baby, I'd be NOM-ing their poor footises all day!

Alrischa said...

Aeroplane jelly (or Jell-O). So it's probably just plain food coloring, but I did like the idea (which I got off Ravelry) of using jelly ;)

Ruth's Place said...

The yarn is fabulous. I love those shoes.

Tara said...

Wee baby shoes!!! As the Yarn Harlot says, there's just nothing cuter, is there?

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