Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A little picnic

It's Autumn here in Victoria, which is one of the nicest seasons. At times. Today is cold and windy, but the other day it was perfect picnic weather. We all sat out here under the purple wattle tree
and had a little picnic in the back yard.
The G&G fibre that I spun recently
has become a hat. It's a good, basic rib pattern (k3p2) with a neatly decreased top.
My dear little angel of a son saw this picture below and said, "Look, Mummy; a dog!" hmmm.

The kids mittens are nearly done: Zachary's simple little thumbless ones are complete. One more yellow one to go (for Jasmine), and then I have to, umm, find the stripey ones I made for Byron...
The yarn was a brown attempt that turned the perfect colors of ripe and unripe tomatoes. For some reason I just loved it! Made me think of old gold that someone had tried to paint with watered-down red.
Here's Byron's birthday jumper so far. I'm using 1 strand each of Oceanic and Lake in Bendigo Woolen Mills luxury 8ply. It's 285g, sleeveless. Unfortunately I only had 330-or-so grams, because I'd made a hat for Matt with it. So I had to order more from Bendigo. What a shame! I have a post office slip in my pocket right now, but I can't go get it, because Byron and Jasmine are both asleep. I may have gotten a few balls of Classic as well... we'll see ;D
Of all the 40 colors I've tried, these two were my favorites.
I'm planning some knitting resolutions for next year. One will be a DIY sock club (I seem to have about 20 socks worth of sock yarn to get through) and the other will be a diet for my stash! I'm going to throw it all into a laundry basket on the scales, which should be interesting! Hehehe.


Lynne said...

I like picnics at home! So easy!! Last year our married DD (then aged 23) visited and asked for a picnic in the backyard for lunch - we were happy to oblige. I'm looking forward to many more as GS#1 (now 10 weeks) gets older.

I too like your old gold/red colour - very pretty.

Sinéad said...

I love picnics. Your sandwiches looked yum! :)
I love Byrons sweater, it's great! I hope you get it finished on time. Your hat is lovely too, it must feel great to spin AND knit your own hat.

me said...

Your spun yarn is so beautiful! How long have you been spinning, and what kind of wheel do you have? It is so very beautiful, and the hat is stunning and simple at the same time - that yarn just sings!!!! Bravo!!!

Karin said...

Love the yarn. It's such a great color and Byron's sweater is so nice. You are a great knitter.


Tara said...

I'm totally doing the DIY sock club as well. My sock yarn stash is OUTTA control (20 socks worth.... BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!).

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