Monday, April 12, 2010

Just more knitting

Knit night. There weren't a lot of people this month; just three. But we had the armchairs, which is very cosy, if a little dim!

That brown ball of yarn is part of my birthday present; my brother and his fiancee gave me a voucher for Spotlight, and I found some worsted weight sock yarn on special. I bought enough for 5 pairs of socks, 4 of which will be dyed first :D


The green/blue things behind it are the Cameo project on my Ravelry list, but Cameo is just the name of the yarn. It's very nice, merino and angora, but it's a secret project at the moment. hehe.


And here's an excuse for photographing my gorgeous girl; the pinwheel still fits. The dye ran and pinked up the white edging and the center of the pinwheel, but I don't really care. It's a bit of a red/pink/orange mix anyway. Can't believe I used to fold up the sleeves to her armpits!

This is what I did all afternoon. All of us (local) family had lunch and tea at Mum and Dad's today, and since my kids were having too much fun to be very naughty, I sat next to my (crocheting) sister and added a few rows of this.

It's Byron's third birthday present. I think it's going to be a bit big, but that's hardly a problem, is it? I love that double basket weave pattern :D
Then there is this: My brother, Matt, and his fiancee, Kylie (who is SUCH a good influence on him Ü) found a travelling fibre shop in their travels, and bought me back 100g of this beautiful red mix. I had just run out of EGMTK fibre, and was imagining a spinning-diet lasting until I could buy some more in July's wool festival. I didn't really pace myself, did I? I've spun up half of it already. I hope Garments and Gadgets have a store at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival!


Lynne said...

Lots of fibre-y goodness; I love the colours in that red fibre.

DD looks so cute in that photo.

Esther said...

I miss family lunches....

Alrischa said...

We miss you all, too. It's a bit weird to have a family lunch and fit around the dining room table!

Sam said...

hopefully we'll get a bigger turn out at the next knit night! Love the red handspun - nice work!

kelgell said...

YEah that fibre is nice. I was surprised at the price too. It wasn't as dear as I was expecting. Quite reasonable though I'm not sure what regular prices are.

Alrischa said...

They are going to be at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival, so I'm spending a bit when I get there! I'm thinking a bunch of different plain colors for 'mixing'. Maybe some silk-mix.

Tara said...

Ooh, that red fibre is really lush. How do you manage to get so much done with 3 kids, woman???

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