Monday, June 21, 2010

Ah, stripes

The perfect cover-up. Yep, my 100g of dark pink and 200g of pale pink wasn't enough, and I ended up with some white stripes before the white ribbed cuff. lol.

And now it's done.

It looks short, I know, but it grew a bit just by wetting it and laying it out (from 30cm up to about 36). Jasmine hasn't worn it yet (because it's STILL wet, stupid Winter) but it seemed a good length before wet-blocking. Perhaps the sleeves are a bit long... we'll see, one day when it dries...
That's what I did to the inside of the hem. The last few rows of moss stitch weren't enough to stop the silly stocking stitch curl, but pulling in on the back like this did the trick.
Something about the picture above makes me feel sea sick. hehehe.
And another little WIP, some 10ply merino sock yarn handpainted with jelly. It's purple, blue, yellow and green with bits of white. It changes color almost every stitch, but I'm getting sick of the pastelly nature of these, I must say, in spite of the appeal of the butterfly blocks.
Note the project bag by Kelgell which I love. I bought this silvery one to be fairly neutral, and a bright pink one "For Jasmine", but I'm starting to change my mind about giving it to her, to be honest... you can't have too many project bags Ü
I've also cast on my first Milo because a little girl at the knitting group looked so cute in it! I'm sure I'll make a few of these. This first one is in a black tweedy yarn, size 9 months, for Zachary, who will be 5 months in about 20 minutes. (Hope it's not too small! lol). I knit a fair bit watching the World Cup, where we tied with Ghana to give ourselves the most unlikely place from which to rise up and win the whole thing... hehe. One more game to watch, and hopefully they will thrash Serbia and give us a few more games.
I'm in the Australian team on the WorldCup2010 ravelry group. Go Knitaroos! hehe.


kelgell said...

Hey, Jasmine's jumper's done early. Nice work. Have to talk to you about a project request. Thinking about coming out after work tmw (Wed). When I get some spare time, I'll have to make some more of those bags too.

Sinéad said...

Cool jumper! I actually like the stripes at the cuff. Looking forward to seeing it modelled when it finally dries!
Oh, and I meant to say, I drew Australia in my World Cup sweeps in work, and I thought of you. I've been cheering them on here too. And it has nothing to do with Harry Kewell. Nothing at all. :)

Tara said...

The jumper turned out great! Looking forward to seeing it on Jasmine (you know... in about 2 minutes... lol).

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