Saturday, June 26, 2010


I swear sometimes clouds look so heavy you wonder how they float up there. Here's a shot with sun and rain and blue sky and sunset and clouds.
And a slightly less impressive little number called milo, which I made for Zach. Love the xoxo cable Ü

It fits, thank goodness. I made the 9month size with 4.5mm needles (instead of 4mm) and it fits well, though not with a great deal of room. Of course it would have helped if I'd read the line that mentioned increasing 10 stitches... Love that black Cleckheaton Country naturals. I have a few more balls that I got for $2 each (back when Kmart sold wool). Might do Milos for all three kids...
Also did a quick camera cover for Mum. Used up a teeny bit of handspun. It was nice and soft to knit with, I must say. It'd probably die in the wash, but it'll be nice and squishy until then...

Well, I've still managed to not buy yarn, so I'll add up the total for June in a few days (see if I can finish some socks first). I've been buying stuff instead of yarn, though, so I've not saved a lot. Beads, tiny crochet hooks, patterns, bags.
I've also been distracted from knitting by the good old Sims! My great dad (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR TODAY!) gave me his old laptop, and it's so much faster than this one that I can play the sims. I have been building up my own town called Yarnotopia. lol. Pity they can't knit, but they can have knittery names and wear woollies :)


Lynne said...

Cute photo of Zach. I'm sure your mum will love the camera cover. I yhink the Sims is a bit of a distraction! This has happened with me and researching family history which I've been doing for a couple of weeks - it's addictive but slows the knitting output!

Sinéad said...

Love the Milo top, it looks great on him! The cable is cute, like kisses & hugs.
And btw, I'm a Sims freak. Love that game, could spend all day playing it. I love the idea of Yarntopia, I might just have to copy that!

me said...

Very cute Zach and knitware - what a lucky guy that you knit for him! Keep up the great work - very inspiring to be able to knit with wee ones around, I'm glad you can find the time, as it inspires the rest of us!!! :)

kelgell said...

Oh I'm sure you could find an download that lets you knit on the sims. I'll have a look...what version of Sims do you have?

Tara said...

Aw, Sach looks adorable in that top! Must make more, I completely agree :) Um... what's Sims? Never heard of it. Should I be hanging my head in shame?

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