Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More green Fargyles.

Yep, I ran out of yarn. They're short little Fargyles, but I love em, and the Tosh Vintage was really nice to knit with. I don't seem to have the hang of twists; instead, I just do single cables, and this tightly twisted yarn is nice and non-splitty, which is pretty good for cabling without a cable needle. Also, I'm starting to think that knitting is a little bit like my brother described carpentry: All the skill is in covering your mistakes well! Hehehe.


Tara said...

Very cute! Covering your mistakes is key to successful knitting, lol.

kelgell said...

And it's a fine skill to have. He he.

I think I might have to make some fargyles. Love the colour of yours.

Allison said...

The colour is amazing! Great job covering your mistakes.

Karin said...

Very pretty. I love the pattern and the color

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