Saturday, November 20, 2010

Two and a half FO's.

A little beanie whipped up out of the BWM rustic 12ply I dyed with RIT. I cabled the top with a random-make-it-up-as-you-go method that worked ok. Though cables are a bit pointless with dark yarn, hey?

Here's Zachy, fast asleep on the beanbags at playgroup, while 20 or so kids ran around him screaming! Can't half tell he's a number 3 child!

My Casbah socks are up to the gusset increases. They are taking forever, as 4ply socks with 2.5mm needles two-at-a-time do when you have three littlies. But I am loving every soft stitch! And weirdly (I don't even know why I chose these colors) the teal and purple and gold are appealing to me very much. Hmm.

Another FO! I actually finished this back in July or something, but it was too short and rolly. So I snipped off the ribbing and knit another skein on (about 6 inches) with some double garter on the bottom. Sorry about the dodgy photo. It's dark green Picovoli.

And yes, I have a few Zachary/chocolate rolls to shed yet. Must get onto that some time. Yaaaaawwwn!!!
Byron and Jasmine picked me these from one of Nathan's many natives in the front yard. Not sure what it is. Some kind of purple bottle brush. Cute.


Sinéad said...

Love the hat. And I think the cables show really well! Not wasted at all.
Poor Zachary, he must have been really tired! I love the way kids will sleep anywhere :)
And your top looks great, too! Well done for fixing it up. I've no patience for that sort of thing, I'd probably leave it in a pile and move on to the next sparkly project. :)

kelgell said...

Well that photo is perfect for hiding the rolls. Your midrif looks great!

Like the beanie too. Even if you can't always see the cables well at least it gives it an interesting texture other than plain.

Tara said...

Hah! Love the sleeping Zachary photo. A kid's gotta do what a kid's gotta do, right? :)

Ruth's Place said...

I agree with Kelgell, what rolls?

Love the FOs and the sleeping Zachary photo.

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