Sunday, November 28, 2010


Last year's shearing has produced, in this year, a 20g ball of 2ply brown wire that is tough and scratchy and horrible. This year I said I didn't want to keep any, until Nathan sent Byron in to give me a little handful of this:

Barely a hint of dirt or grass with long white fibers... Why on earth did I start with the short, dirty stuff from the black sheep last year? I haven't washed it. Just trimmed the very end off, which is felted into tiny curly tips. Makes your hands a bit greasy, but spins up great as it is! I've been pulling it from the side, just like that, though I can't do it quickly enough to use my wheel with this stuff.
Inspired by my baby sister, I thought I'd attempt a felted scarf. I laid out my long strip of bubble wrap (3m at the post office was about $2.50) and laid out a mat of fibre running acrossways. Layer two was lengthways. Layer three was stripes of pale blue and pale green (as opposed to the white), and layer 4 was more white.

This is 250cm x 30cm, laid out on towels on the floor (while the kids had a nap). Then I wet it, rolled it up, and agitated it around, scrunched it, microwaved it, threw it against a chair, washed it again, put it in the dryer... even ironed it. I also did Kelly's trick of trimming the sides with scissors!

The blue and green stripes were supposed to be hard to see, but this was a bit too light. Anyway, it ended up 200x25cm, and was far thicker than I guess it should be, but I wore it out on Friday and it was warm!!

See the storm coming in? It's rained all weekend.
I have done some socking, including 8 teensy heels, but I got distracted again by the Lacy Baktus version of Baktus.

The colors don't really look like that. Silly fluoro light bulbs. It's WFF Elizabeth in Waterlilies, a rainbow mix of very soft colors.
No yarn purchased so far this month. Pity I can't take off 200g for the felt scarf, but I didn't count my fibre in the big yarnweigh.


Tara said...

What a cool way to make a scarf!

kelgell said...

Oo, I'm gonna come and have a look at your scarf and bring mine. I really like the photo of yours on the post.

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