Friday, December 3, 2010


End of October: 17.8kg
12g Matt's phone sock
60g eucalypt given to Kelly
95g chocolate hat
120 Fargyles
85 Picovoli extra (1 whole ball)
40 Baby's Jet dress
50g sacrificed to kids entertainment
45g from last month
End of November: 17.4
I have such a craving to buy yarn. LOL. We'll see if I can hold off until next year :)


kelgell said...

Thanks for the BWM Light Eucalypt. Had heaps more than I needed but at least I got to finish my ordered dragon.

Tara said...

You know what I find helps to not buy yarn? Buying jewelry :)

Sinéad said...

You're doing great! Think of the post Christmas sales to buy yarn at. It'll be the New Year before you know it ;)

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