Thursday, December 30, 2010

Here, hold my socks...

Nathan is on holidays, which is particularly great in the Summer because we can do some good outside things with the kids! The other day we went to the local Ballarat Wildlife Park and the kids had a ball feeding the massive (lazy) roos.

I got one to hold my sock while the kids played on the playground. I hardly got the photo taken before he started nibbling my knitpicks needles!

Roos are such a pest in Australia. (But roo meat is very nice!)
Finally, today, I cast off the Casbah socks!

Got to love Jeny's Super Stretchy Cast off for toe-up socks. It uses about 5m of yarn (hehe) but you could get both your feet into it.

I used my standard toe-up pattern, but with 60st around and 2.5mm needles. The pattern is a rib that is K3 P3 on one row, and K5 P1 on alternate rows. The yarn is the very lovely Handmaiden Casbah! I shalt buy thee again!

P.S. White legs are "in fashion" in Australia, so you know! ;D


kelgell said...

We are so fashionable! :P he he. The socks look GREAT. That colour looks splendid in sock form.

Tara said...

Roo meat is nice??? Shocking to my fragil Canadian ears :)

Lynne said...

White legs are certainly in fashion in my house!! tee-hee

Those socks are gorgeous.

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