Sunday, May 8, 2011

$2 a day

Breaky: 3 cheap weetbix, watered down milk and sugar, microwaved into mush ;) and three pikelets with jam (made a batch and froze them the other day) and some hot chocolate.

Lunch: half a tin of baked beans, 2 vegemite sandwiches and enough cocoa/sugar to make three hot chocolates (though I only had two), packed up to take to Mum's, where everyone else got to eat... oh... delicious-looking stuff...

Dinner: 100g of rice with a spoon of tomato paste, a spoon of gravy, some herbs and parmesan and 100g of chopped fried veges.

I still feel vaguely hungry most of the time, but nothing worth whinging about, of course! This is temporary. I have gotten about $100 in donations, though, which is extremely nice.

Manos in May is going well. I've nearly finished one mitten, which hasn't even used half a 50g ball of Serena. I've been distracted spinning a bit of EGMTK fibre up into a self-striping n-plied yarn. It's going to be kind-of thick, I think, because navajo-plying is 3-ply, and even my singles are not as slim as the last spin I did. I'm blaming the lack of silk ;)

Happy Mum's day, Mum! And everyone else :)


kelgell said...

Would that be my mit you've almost done one of?? Eeee^^ (That's an excited squeal. LOL)

The food doesn't look too bad at all really. No snacks and certainly less than you are used to. I suppose the main thing is that a lot of poor people have to pay for more than just food with that. I'm impressed with your variety for $2 a day though.

Lynne said...

You are being very strong; well done.

Tara said...

Still in complete and utter AWE of your doing this challenge. And what a great thing for the kids to see you do as well!

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